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I am a mother of two, I studied for dual degree in Psychology and Political Science. Certification in Physical Therapy Aide. Certification in CPR and AED. ACE Certified personal trainer. NCCA Certified Trainer. Studied Fitness and Nutrition at Ashworth University. I will help you to learn how to better care of yourself , so you can prevent or control illness, and be there for your kids husbands, wives, dogs, cats, birds, jobs! Whatever or whomever you have in your life that is important to you! Most importantly, how to be there for yourself! Love yourself first! We have one life to live!  Be your best you! One day at a time!

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Angie Lee Health And Fitness

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#TBT with my guy to a few years ago! #Ma
#Tbt rn I’m missing chillin’ in the hot
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